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Welcome to the "media" section of the website.

This module lists a collection of books CD, DVD, ect, .... themed Origami.

Its aim is to easily find models with different options and different entry points (books, authors, ..)

It is composed of three main sections accessible via the buttons on the tool at the top right of the page bar:

  •      media (books, CDs, DVDs, etc ...)
  •      summary: Directories models in these media
  •      The authors, creators, publishers

Whatever the point of entry, a paged alphabet bar to filter lists on the first letter of the title or the original name.

Some features of this bar have a particular action:

  •      #: (First character to the left) to filter all characters other than letters of the alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks, for example.
  •      * (Before the last character on the right) will list without filter alphabetically.
  •      $ (Last character on the right) will list without filter identification number.

The search button of the menu bar displays or hides additional search options.

Hiding these options clears the criteria that could be seized and resets these options.

If you have problems, do not hesitate to let me know so that I could improve this site.


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